Housesitting, Housesitting in Spain, Life of adventure, Neighbourhood Walks

Neighbourhood Walk – Marbella

No road trips. Actually, no car trips at all. Nothing but blue sky, sun, beach walks, rest and to catch our breath as we take a break from travelling. It was merely a sampling of a comfortable life this week on our return to Marbella being back caring for Fudge. As we walked along the… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walk – Marbella

Housesitting, Housesitting in Spain, Life of adventure

The Olive Tree

This ancient tree holds a particular segment of our hearts and a significant part of our earlier lives together. Within the span of a few years from early 2001, we had planted approx 500 trees and yes the rows were all spaced out correctly by the Squire [below photo] on a small lifestyle/orchard in the Bay of… Continue reading The Olive Tree