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Life at No.22 – Titbits about NZ

There still seems an ongoing quest to know more information about New Zealand to visit or to live.  No doubt still due to the continuing unrest in many parts of the world.  We are after all at the arse end of the world.  It apparently seems rather beautiful and tranquil here in New Zealand to many… Continue reading Life at No.22 – Titbits about NZ

Life at No.22, Life of adventure, New Zealand

Boomerang Bags Tauranga

How do you stop using plastic supermarket bags? By getting together with a group of focused, energised women and sewing recycled material bags to use for those trips to fill them with food. There is nothing new about the drive to stop the public from using plastic supermarket bags. What is terrific about this organisation… Continue reading Boomerang Bags Tauranga

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Countryside Scents in Spring

On a changeable spring day Our shoes disturbing the surface Earthy dusty soil and intoxicating pollen As the soft breeze brushes past us and fills the air. Our senses are engulfed The ground is white with fallen blossoms, Busy bees have done their job. Clouds open up The smell of rain A freshness scent similar… Continue reading Countryside Scents in Spring