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Today, there is a bit of action happening on my blog.

Firstly, today Globalhousesitterx2 became Life at No.22.   My social media accounts such as Pinterest, Instagram will still be known as Globalhousesitterx2 until I work out how to do the change successfully. Hopefully, this won’t prove to be confusing to everyone including me!!  Facebook won’t allow me to change names so I may have to start a new page, oh what fun!
Regards to the new title it seems more fitting a description at this stage of our lives. As we are no longer travelling fulltime and are now spending more time in New Zealand. Though we are still holding onto a small glimmer of hope that we can fulfil a few housesitting commitments this year. The next month will reveal whether this will be a reality or not. While still remembering our most important responsibility is to ensure the Squire is happy, healthy as can be and doing what he wants to do with his time. Not sure what I am referring too? Then have a read of

Secondly, my blog turned 3 years old, though it took me until the end of 2016 to publish a post publically!. Hard to believe she is that old!! I have loved every moment, well nearly every moment as a newbie blogger.

Last but not least is acknowledging the overwhelming support we have received from friends, family and my blogging friends.

With regards to all you bloggers out there, this post I wrote about penpals of past, made me realise how much I enjoy having you all in my life. You are penpals just in a different way from using a pen, paper and the use of snail mail.

Again a big thank you, goes out to you all. Hopefully, you will have time to read the blog below.

Suzanne X

Life at No.22

Currently in Athens, and I won’t be writing up about our trip until we are at our next housesit.  So in the meantime here is a post about something different.

Do you remember the excitement of receiving a letter in the post with foreign stamps attached to it and that thrill of hearing once again from a friend that lived far away?

SUZYV (31)_editedIt was for me.  Up there as one of the highlights of my teenage years.

How it all began.

I always looked forward to Nana, [my first penpal in N.Z.] coming across from Gisborne sometimes on the bus, or with other family members who would drive her over.  She would always bring with her a bundle of magazines and papers which would be carefully placed in a square wicker basket [which I still have safely in storage].

Then there was the search for a particular magazine, not…

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